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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HOLY Crap! Earthquake!

What an eventful weekend I had!  It started out like any other football weekend with me driving to Oklahoma to see the Sooners play football. I was very excited because I was able to attend this game with my BFF and spend some girl time with her.

The drive up was uneventful. Thank goodness for DVD players. I had the girls with me as Daddy was home with brother at his band contest.  I arrived in Norman, dropped off the girls and went to pick up my BFF. Before the game we needed some lunch. We ended up at a deli near campus and I had the best soup and salad. It was so tasty. The weather was nice, a bit windy, but nice. It was a really fun day and it was that much better because I maintained control and ate on plan. On top of that we did our usual 2 mile walk there and back, so plenty of activity that day.  Of course it helped that we won the game.

Saturday night we hung out at my Aunt's house watching football and visiting. It was a good time. We had chicken wings for dinner, not the best, but I was able to resist the worst of the food. I enjoyed the football, as there were several big games that night.

Just before my BFF and her kids were ready to leave, the house started to tremble, then shake and then sway from side to side. Earthquake! That is something I never thought I'd feel and I hope to never feel again. It was so bizarre and scared the holy shit out of me. Luckily no one was hurt and there was no significant damage. We found out that it was a 5.6, the largest earthquake in Oklahoma history. Creepy. I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep after that to say the least.

Sunday morning I woke up with an asthma attack. This is getting really old. Today I'm still congested and coughing and now likely have developed a sinus infection. I had just finished my steroid taper and my ENT will likely want to start another. Sigh.....It's asthma season. What can I say?  That means I'll be skipping TKD today at noon. Just can't breathe well enough today. Hopefully by Thursday.

This afternoon I have a consultation for Lasik. I've thought about it a long time and now with all the working out I do, especilaly TKD, the glasses get in the way so much. I want to find out if I'm a good candidate or not. If not, I'll have to think about contacts or something at least for TKD. I don't wear contacts every day because of my allergies, my eyes get too itchy.

My weight is up 2 pounds from Saturday. I think it is water and fluctuations from coming off the steroids. Plus I had too much sodium over the weekend. I do not think it's "real" and I hope to see it back off which would be a 2 pound loss when I weigh in tomorrow.

I have 10 days until vacation. I'll be going on my first cruise. I'm excited and nervous about it. We decided to go on a cruise for the holidays. We know it will be a hard time as it is the first year without my cousin. We spent most holidays together. It will be fun traveling with my Aunt, Cousin, his wife, their daughter, my mom and my god-mother. My god mother has started her chemo, she'll just complete her first cycle when we leave. So far she's doing well. It will be a time to just relax and enjoy family. I'm nervous about the food, but I know I can make good choices and I'm looking forward to working out on the ship with my son. He wants to work out with me and go running on the track around the ship, which I think is most awesome.

I'm wondering if any of you have been on a cruise before.  Any tips or suggestions in general? Any ideas on how to handle the food. Everyone always says "oh the FOOD!" when they talk about cruises.  Hope you all have a great week. Stay on track!


  1. I have been on a few cruises and maintained my WL while on the ship. There is TONS of food but there are SO many healthy options available too. They were very accomodating when it came to special requests in the dining room as well.

    Plus there is a gym on the ship so you can get your workout in as well

    The big key for me was to avoid booze. Empty calories...

  2. Cruise - yes! We were cruise virgins in 2009 when we went for 12 days out of San Juan, PR to the western Caribbean. Now you know we don't have kids, so we chose a boat that was not kid friendly :) and went before the Christmas holidays. The ship was the best part. We practically lived at the spa and the salt-water pool. Staying on plan would not have been hard, but I didn't try too much. The food varies greatly between ships and cruise lines. Buffets can be your best or worst enemies. You will be able to get tons of exercise. If taking the kids, send them off on kid activities so you can focus on adult play time. Read the Cruise Critic boards to see what others have written about your boat and sailing. Usually you can find folks traveling on your same cruise. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/

  3. I live in California and have gone through some earthquakes from time to time...more then I can count. Can be very scary. Glad to hear all are okay. Check out Alan's blog from Pounds Off Playoff - he is also going on vacation and got some good tips of how to control the eating. My tips - use the stairs more then the elevator, eat in the restaurant more then the buffet, take walks around the ship when you can!

    Good luck with your lasik consultation - I just had my done last year and do like the change - still dealing with dry eyes from time to time, but if that is all, then it was worth it.

    Staying MOtivated MO

  4. Some people here in Kansas City felt that same quake. Not me... I was sleeping:) I honestly can't imagine the cruise eating challenge. Both times I've been on one I was not eating very healthy:(

  5. It's hard to fathom an earthquake in Oklahoma! I know they can happen anywhere, but that just seems strange. Glad there were no injuries or major damage.

    I wish I could have lasik but one of my optic nerves is messed up so it's not a possibility. How nice would that be to not get rain or sweat on your glasses?!? I hope you can get it done.

    No ideas on the cruise, but it sounds like there will be plenty to do with everyone so hopefully food won't be the focus all of the time.

  6. On a cruise you can do lots of walking on deck, they usually have a gym and organized exercise classes. In the dining room they have healthy choices and portion control is usually good.
    Stay away from the midnight buffet!!!!!

  7. I'm a four-eyes myself, and a runner. And a chicken, so I probably won't be doing Lasik anytime soon. So I went to Academy Sports and bought one of those thingys (that's the official name) that you attach to the ear-pieces of your eyeglasses and then tighten to fit snugly to the back of your head. Love it! Though it's true, doesn't do anything to keep the rain off, which is annoying.


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