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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Naughty and Nice

OK so my life is moving at such a pace I cannot seem to get a grip on everything I need to do. That includes posting on this blog!  I'm STILL not done shopping and yes my friends I am WELL aware of how many days I have left. There's been a lot going on. Both good and bad. Thought I spend some time catching you up.

Nice: I've attended my first few classes as a purple belt. Every time I move up I'm freaked out by how much more material I have to learn. How much harder things are. But this time I'm just pysched to get to learn a new weapon-STAFF. That's right my friends. I'm now learning some authentically cool shit. Yeah me.

Naughty: Stupid back. So you might recall that during my last belt test nearly 2 weeks ago I fell more than once. Apparently this jacked up my back. Over the weekend I bent down to pick up something (I'm sure something my bratty kids left strewn all over the floor) and the resulting sharp stabbing pain and inability to straighten up was horrible. I spent the rest of the day lying in bed on a heating pad and taking Motrin.

Nice:  Luckily the back straightened up in time for me to clean the house and work my butt off to get ready for the freaking Birthday party. 10, yes TEN,  6 year old girls.  3 hours.........Maybe this should've been in the naughty category.

Naughty: My kids. That's right my friends. Apparently I have not reminded them enough that SANTA is watching. Especially the little one. I swear there are days I know that if I'd had her first she'd be an only child.  Yesterday I was saying how my birthday was coming up.....THEY asked.....and she said my birthday was a "poophead" and "booty butt". Alrighty. I can get past that. I kinda feel the same way. This morning she was a holy terror. GUESS who promptly texted Santa and let the big guy know that I just wasn't sure little smarty brat britches was getting Christmas this year. Yes my friends. I did. This resulted in a LOT of crying and pleading and frankly the rest of the morning was down right......NICE.

Nice: So this evening My little princess was being very obviously good. (Thank you modern technology) She says to me, "Mommy. You see I'm being nice."  Why yes you are. Good job. "WELL, YEAH I want presents." Great.......so......I've taught her what? We discussed that being nice means being nice just because it's the right thing to do. I'm hoping she learned something.......... Oh who am I kidding? I'm just hoping she straightens up so I can get the rest of this holiday crap done.

Naughty: Holiday Crap. I am frankly tired of all the unnecessary stuff and expectations we place on ourselves this time of year. When the hell did I buy in to the idea of the perfect Christmas? I'm realizing that I spend so much time, money and energy on trying to get one that I have drained every ounce of enjoyment and joy out of what used to be my favorite time of year. Guess what? I'm done with that. I'm OKwith store bought gifts. I'm OK with  gift cards for grown ups. The miracle of the season has absolutely NOTHING to do with the perfect gift.  When it comes down to it the kids will remember the time we spend together. Not how perfect Mommy's homemade cards were. Yeah. right. Cards......Ha ha ha ha ha.....

Nice: I've lost a few pounds, not enough.
Naughty: Stupid cookie, cake, pie, candy infested holiday office
Nice: Amazon. Free Shipping.
Naughty: Less than perfect diet.
Nice: Pretty danged consistent exercise routine.
Naughty: DFW metroplex shuts down completely every time it rains. WTH? Traffic becomes unbareable. These people lose their damned minds when it rains. In Nebraska they get 2 feet of snow and don't miss a beat. It's water people......move on....

Nice: So last weekend. Nanny kept the girls overnight. Son was on a camp out. This left hubby and me an evening alone. We are boring. We are tired. We are.......old I guess. Don't judge me. We opted for take out-steak and sweet potato for me and downloading a movie. Yes, a baby sitter and we stayed in. Listen I can count on one hand probably the number of times we've been alone in the house since we moved in 2 years ago.  It was wonderfully pleasant and relaxing.  We watched The Debt with Helen Miren. Excellent film, btw.  The next morning we went to Ihop where I had an egg white veggie omelet and a whole grain pancake. Yummo. How wonderful to go out for breakfast and enjoy coffee and conversation that didn't include "stop poking your sister" or "don't throw the crayons".   After we headed to do our Christmas list and shopping.......BACK HOME. Which was good considering the back thingy that happened shortly after our arrival......see above naughty

So as you can see my life has been crazy, but that's my world. You'd think I would adjust. I've been reading as usual, but not commenting as much. I think you can figure out why since you just read all of that. I found out our kid's school is hosting it's first 1K/5K run end of April. NOW that's a reason to really get busy training to run. That's the plan for my fitness. I've been saying it forever. Time to put up or shut up.

What's your plan for your fitness goals?  Don't forget about them in the holiday chaos. Without them, there might not be another holiday.  Have a great week my friends.


  1. Perfect Christmas?
    Maybe just on TV!
    Perfectly IMperfect is more like it!

  2. I cannot imagine "doing" the holidays with kids! It would be impossible to escape the desire to want to lavish them with goodies and teach them the true mean of the Christmas at the same time. Consumerism feeds off parental guilt, I think.

    Nothing wrong with sharing adult time like you see fit. Just keep sharing.

  3. You KNOW you're a parent when having a babysitter means getting the house to yourself - and loving every second, lol! The peace and quiet...ahhhh!

    I feel ya on the amount of things to get done. This year? I gave up ribbons and bows. Gifts are wrapped, label stuck on, done. Small thing, but honestly, saved me much time and sanity.

    Hope you have get everything done with YOUR sanity intact...and I love the instant tweeting to Santa - anything to keep the kiddos behaving! ;)

  4. I'm also feeling the stress of the holidays. I wish we could celebrate every other year, but the retailers would not like that idea! We worry too much, spend too much, clean too much, cook and bake too much, and nowadays the kids get too much!

    Good for you and your hubby for spending some time together just the way you wanted to. No one says you have to go out to have a successful "date."

    Hang in there-the holidays will come and go. Make it as easy as possible.

  5. I did a ton of shopping through Amazon this year! The packages just keep coming.

  6. So sorry about the back - Owie!

    I laughed at your "date night". When all of our kids are out of the house, we too, kick back on the sofa and enjoy the peace and quiet. I freely admit that I'm getting old.

    I laughed even louder over your comment "...if she had been born first, she'd be an only child..." We say the EXACT same thing about our youngest. It must be the baby of the family syndrome.

    Enjoy the hustle and bustle.

  7. Ahhh - the Holidays, have to love it. Thanks for the catching up with the Naughty & Nice list. Hope your back feels 100% soon and you can enjoy the rest of the Holidays!!

    I have to remember in this busy time that exercising is the key. Keeps me mentally awake and physically fit and able to deal with what each day has for me.


  8. I remember those days when the kids were young.....didn't have a phone that I could text Santa on!!!! But I did have direct contact with one of Santas very important elves!!!! They will all be grown up before you know it and you will look back on these times and remember them with great fondness....maybe!
    Date night sounds very familiar.

  9. Nice: You're still exercising and losing a few pounds on top of EVERYTHING you have going on!! :)

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  11. Whats up doc? I just noticed you were following my blog, but may not have stopped by to comment, so I'm making a visit and just love your sense of humor and realness of your parenting!

    I'm hooked...I'll pop in now!

  12. The holidays are nuts. I completely laughed at your little princess and the drama that she brings. I, too, have one of my own at home. Some days are simply horrific. How can my beautiful little angel be such a TERROR?!

    Ah, feels good to be reminded I am not the only one. ;-)

  13. I left my job a few years ago and my two children are both drivers now so my Christmas season is sooo much easier to deal with. Your post reminded me of the old days and I completely sympathize. I read something (during my working days) that helped me a lot: Ask your family which traditions are important and which they'd be happy to skip. No one cared about baking cookies-you have no idea what a thrill that was to have one less thing to do.

    I hope you'll find time to do what your family really enjoys this season and also find a bit of time for peace. Merry Christmas!

  14. ahhh the holidays.
    IM HOLDING ON UNTIL 1/4/12 :)
    as tightly as I can.


  15. Boy, I forgot that Santa was all into tech, too. Nice and desperate ploy.

  16. Seriously. You went to Ihop and got an egg-white omlette? Ha ha ha, I'm willing to be that 1-2 years ago it would have been a radically different scene there!! Look at how much you've changed! :-) Happy holidays to you Dr. F and I hope you have a wonderful Xmas!!


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