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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another kick A** Weekend and seeing PURPLE!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! Where is time going and WHY does it seem to go faster when you haven't finished your Christmas shopping?

I am still having a hard time with my diet. I have not been getting in all my water and not tracking. That being said I'm starting to get on my own nerves with this excuses thing and I've had it. So today I woke up and dragged my sore ass out of bed and drank my water and ate my breakfast and tracked it. I'd planned on hitting the gym but I have a sick kid at home. Instead I'll head home at lunch to check on him.

On the bright side my weekend was great. Tree is up and decorations are almost done. I'm ready for the youngest's bday party this weekend and I'm getting my shopping underway on line. Progress my friends.

But the biggest news of course is that I passed my belt test. I am now officially an advanced belt and over half way to black!! It was not an easy test. Still a bit off balance from the cruise and had some trouble with the turning jump kicks. I ended up falling splat on my butt not once but twice. Embarassing? Maybe. In front of all those parents and grand parents and such. But I ask you....did any of them have the balls to be out there testing and busting their ass? Nope. So screw that. I got back up and kept on kicking.

I broke my board on the first try. It's a big freaking board and we had to do an axe kick (kick up high over the head then straight down breaking the board with your heel) I had to spar twice once with a black belt and the other time was with my son. That was super fun. After I was super sore and tired and bruised. Still am somewhat but my bruises are badges of honor. I'm quite proud of myself.

I did not like the pics of me this test. I feel like I look fat. And I see all 6 of the pounds I've put on, mainly in my belly. It's ok though because I compared the pic from my first test and I still feel like I look better now. What do you think?

Monday despite my tired soreness I trained with my trainer. Ouch. My pecs are still sore but that's ok. It's getting better and again I love being sore for that reason.Today I have tracked, had my water and eaten well and SURPRISE I feel better. Will I ever learn that I feel better when I fuel my body with healthy foods, water and exercise? Duh.  It's like I have short term memory loss every time! (I love you, Dori!)  I hope all of you are staying on track and making it through the mind field that are the holidays.

Me kicking said son's booty. Just kidding....
Breaking of the board
Getting my purple belt

Kicking during first test
After first test


  1. Congratulations on passing that test! You are one brave woman to be doing all this. I admire your spunk!

  2. Breaking a board is certainly impressive to me! Congrats on passing the test.

  3. Purple is my favorite color - you should stop now. ;) Seriously, congratulations on passing your belt test - you are one skilled ninja!

  4. You look awesome!
    6 pounds is nothing... just feedback!
    A$$ kicking!

  5. Love that picture of you kicking ass. Now, kick your own and stay with the healthy life?? Okay????

    Congratulations on reaching that purple belt! Happy BD weekend!

  6. YAYYYYY! Congrats on that purple belt! I swear, you so inspire me to give some kind of martial arts a try. it looks like so much fun, such good exercise and more importantly, so EMPOWERING. You ROCK my socks off Dr. F!

  7. You are so awesome. I have been tinkering with the idea of taking boxing classes. I guess I have to get past my fears and just go for it.


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